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(M.O.B.A) If you don’t know it, learn it!

Multilayer Online Battle Arena, or M.O.B.A is a fairly new sub-genre to the Real Time Strategy market but is one that shows a lot of promise.

Most gamers will know MOBA by the more commonly known game Defence of the Ancients (DoTA), which was a mod created within Blizzard’s own Warcraft III engine. The game consisted of maximum of 10 players in a equal ‘vs’ match.

The map is broken down into three lanes which is split down the middle, on each teams side are defensive structures that if an enemy player is within range will deal large amounts of damage to a single target. Thus creating a tug-o-war type match which eventually leads to a heavy team oriented game.

Basic map breakdown (courtesy of GoodGame")

As I’m sure your still left up in the air since I haven’t even touched the surface to the multiple mechanics of the game, please watch the quick explanation from below.

Since it’s early beginnings of DOtA it has had a loyal following, and an even more loyal developers, in particular IceFrog, who didn’t create to MOD within Warcraft (See ‘Guinsoo’) initially but picked it up after the original developer passed the rein’s to IceFrog who ran with it for the community. Since then IceFrog has introduced multiple characters and balances whilst keeping to the original format of the game.

Since the release of the DOtA, the mod has spawned multiple illiterations of the game, two of which are free to play, and both well known within the gaming community.

See Heroes of Newerth (HoN)

See League of Legends (LoL)

Since simple starts the game has become to become one of the newest respected e-sport titles with tournaments giving a chance for winners to win a grand prize of $1,000,000.

Since then IceFrog is now behind the future release of DOtA 2 which is intended to be it’s own game much the same as HoN and LoL but with the big-wig Valve behind it supplying it own twist on the game like Steam-works Integration, Sponsored Tournaments and much more exposure than already established.

DOtA 2 is set to release later this year so be sure to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground for this upcoming release.


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What Really Happens to Mario When He Falls in the Hole - via Geekfill


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Dead Island has shipped 2 million copies

In it’s first week of global release Dead Island has been confirmed by Deep Silver that 2 million copies of Dead Island have been shipped, despite the bugs found on many platforms in early reports of the game.

Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media.

“With Dead Island a number one in several important retail territories, this success has also confirmed our standing as a global publisher and has once again proven our position as Europe’s number one retail distributor.”



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Fallout 3

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'Primal Carnage' to be released by Lukewarm Media is currently in Alpha stages of development but looking rather playable at this point.

It has the same degree of play as the Left4Dead (‘vs’ gameplay) game modes, where you play as either Zombie or Human and progress with either proceeding with the escape or stopping he escape.

I really hope this game does well, check out the official site HERE

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Calling all Diablo Theorycrafters!

Blizzard has opened up the floor and released a skill calculator for the upcoming Diablo 3 game.

You will be able to choose from five classes and dive into their skill-tree.


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Portable N64! Expansion Pack included

Of those who roam the world of Reddit may have already seen this but this is still very amazing to see.

A forum poster by the name of SifuF has modified a N64 into a portable device which features 2x 3D Sticks, D-Pad, L-Button, Headphone socket and of course even the expansion pack.